QWiTS 4.0 is now shipping!

The best terminal emulation software for QNX just got better.

Incorporating valuable input from our current install base, we are proud to introduce QWiTS 4.0, a program which enables Windows users remote access to QNX systems through both network and serial connection types. Version 4.0 is a complete upgrade that includes improvements in both functionality and terminal type support.

The new features in Version 4.0 refine an already exceptional product by incorporating a familiar Windows interface including buttons and drop-down menus as well as an improved Entries Directory that kicks productivity into high-gear.

QWiTS 4.0 can now maintain user preferences ensuring that every person at a terminal works within their own customized set-up. QCP and FTP transfer protocols are now included, and User-defined Command Function Keys make repetitive tasks less monotonous and time-consuming. The new, user-defined Auto Disconnect feature can even save you money when you forget to log off using a long distance connection.

QWiTS 4.0 runs on Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 and can emulate an impressive number of terminal types including: QNX2, QNX4, QANSI, UNIX/LINUX, (ansi, vt220, xterm). File transport support includes: ASCII, FTP, TFTP,Kermit, QCP, Zmodem, Xmodem, X1modem, and Ymodem.