IMPORTANT NEWS! - QWiTS 1.0 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE — and for the best of all possible reasons.

Announcing QWiTS version 4.0! The most extensive, full-featured QNX terminal emulation program available for Windows.

This latest version performs several functions of Version 1.0 that were not available within Version 3.0 ...and more! The best QNX terminal emulator for Windows has just gotten better, and it’s available to you right now!

QWiTS 4.0 is a complete upgrade that includes improvements in both functionality and terminal type support. These improvements come as a result of incorporating valuable input from users such as yourself, so we know that you will appreciate how QWiTS 4.0 will increase your productivity, save you time and money, and is all-around more user friendly!

The new features incorporated into Version 4.0 refine what is already exceptional an product by incorporating a familiar windows interface including buttons and drop-down menus, improved Entries Directories, and macro and special keys mapping that will kick your productivity into high-gear!

Click here to see a complete listing of the features available with this upgrade.