If you're application consists of being connected to a remote system and waiting for a particular task to complete or a particular circumstance to occur the new "Watch For" function of QWiTS 4.0 will be very beneficial to you.

"Watch For" can be instructed to look for particular string of information displayed in a terminal window and have it perform a pre-defined series of scripts once it encounters that string.

For example, if you are monitoring a busy financial transaction processing system and you need to be made aware when a particular communications address, i.e. 25200073 sends a message to the system, you could use this automated method rather than keeping your attention focused on a changing display:

Step #1

Setup the ‘Watch For’ Service with the following information.

Step #2

Start the monitoring function where the data will be displayed.

Step #3

Wait for the watched for item to be found by QWiTS. (NOTE: you may even switch to other Windows applications while it watches for you.) When using the default action, the NotePad display will automatically popup as your active window (A).